In your personalized Crystal Healing you will feel where your energy is blocked. You will learn how to align with crystalline energy to walk towards your highest version. I will Identify energetic blocks and start the process of removing them. You will gain a greater understanding of how your energy works and how crystals can guide you. You will leave with an activated crystal to continue your journey within.



Crystal Gatherings are a 

perfect way to connect

with your friends on a higher

level. It includes a crystal grid reading, mini crystal 101 and

grounding and connecting


Host a gathering your friends

love and benifit from!

Perfect for Events. 

Up to 6 people $350

Kathleen is an architectural

designer by trade and is

LEED certified. 

Combining sustainable

design and crystalline

energy to offer a space that promotes love, healing

and abundance.

Private residences or

Commercial spaces

create a space 

of harmony and intention

$150 per hour + Crystals

Energy can get blocked

within our body causing 

stress and disease. This 

Crystal Chakra healing

will give you a full cleanse

and charge of all your

energy centers as 

well as an Aura cleanse.

Perfect for anyone experiencing

any anxiety or illness.




Crystal Grid Readings

allow you to get a visual

of where your energy is at.

I read where your energy

is blocked and give you

guidance on what crystals

and tools can help begin 

your journey to protect

yourself, heal and thrive.



Cleanse your Aura

and your enrgy. Feel

into your connection

and remove any 

unwanted energy.


$60 - 45 minutes

This Guidance is for two weeks in person or phone sessions, includes healings, grid readings, personilzed meditations and guidance. In this time I will connect with your higherself and help you align with your highest version. I will connect you with the crystalline energy that

will work best for you and share practical ways that you can use

crystalline energy to unblock

energy and allow flow. 



Book Kathleen for a meditation

or talk. Anything from 

Crystal 101, awakening,

positive parenting,

crystals for stress, 

EMF protection,

Empath protection,

How to connect with

crystalline energy.

Starting at $350 speaking fee

Crystals are here to 

align and give us guidance

and aligment. I will 

guide you to the right 

crystal for your current

situation. This Crystal

pick call includes a phone

chat to dertermine what

would work best. 

$30 + Crystal

Crystalline Healers

Crystals are here with souls, light and purpose just as we are. We all are connected. Use these healers to become more of who you are. Connect with your inner-self.

Crystal Rising

Is your source for high

vibrational crystals, gifts and

accessories. Each piece is handpicked or designed by me. What you see here has helped me on my journey to being the best version of myself,. My hope is that

these pieces bring you the same light. 

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Kathleen Golik

Crystal Healer

and Designer

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