Clearing and elevating our energy is essential. We should be cleansing our space and energy as often as we bathe. Spiritual awareness is so important to our emotional and phystical health. Start adding Smudging into your routine and watch your life change! 


Organic Blue Sage or Yerba Santa Sage

Ethically sourced and Sustainably harvested Palo Santo

100 % Beeswax Candle

Farm raised Abalone Shell

Smudge Ritual Directions
Selenite and obsidian


Comes in rice paper and compostable packaging


Smudge Ritual Kit


    Crystal Rising

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    vibrational crystals, gifts and

    accessories. Each piece is handpicked or designed by me. What you see here has helped me on my journey to being the best version of myself,. My hope is that

    these pieces bring you the same light. 

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    Kathleen Martinez-Golik

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