Ethically and Sustainably sourced tools to guide you to relax and align


Take your bath time to another level with a
botanically infused and moisture packed bath soak with a fizz!
These bath bombs contain The Good Rub’s signature coconut oil
that we infuse in-house with herbs that are known
to contain anti-inflammatory benefits.
Allow those properties to soak in to the whole body
while soothing dry skin and creating a relaxing spa
like experience in the comfort of your own home.


Rose - Rose Quartz - self love
Lavender - Amethyst - calming
Eucalyptus - Green Aventurine - manifesting - good skin
Ylang-Ylang - Black Tourmaline - removes negativity


Organic and Sustainably sourced California White Sage and

Ethically Sourced Palo Santo with a Bath Ritual!



Relax and Align Organic Crystal Infused Bath Bomb Set

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