Sacred Space is essential for all of us to come back within. These are pieces I use in my Sacred Space, the scent of Palo Santo calls me back home, grounding me. These pieces are ethically sourced from Ecuador. My Palo Santo partner works with the Ecuadorian government and locals, planting trees to ensure there is an abundance of this healing wood for generations to come. 

wooden box with plastic translucent lid (a box you can cherish)

2 pieces of Palo Santo Sticks

2 Palo Santo cones 

Set of 3 Palo Santo incense with White Sage


Palo Santo Sacred Space wood box set


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    accessories. Each piece is handpicked or designed by me. What you see here has helped me on my journey to being the best version of myself,. My hope is that

    these pieces bring you the same light. 

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