Crystals for Fear 


Orange Calcite- 

Calcite is very calming and brings a cleansing energy. Think of fear as a black dirty film on your aura, orange calcite washes all karmic hooks and memories to abuse and trauma. 

Keep orange calcite in your room as you sleep and hold on to it when you feel fear taking over. 



Selenite -

Selenite in our home is the ultimate light bringer, it is the boogie man Protection and when I had entities in my home (long story I’ll share some day) It brought our space to such a high vibration that lower densities could not stay. Selenite anchors light into the earths vibration. 

The opposite of dark is light and selenite is the polarity to take you out of fear and raise you to a higher vibrational state.

It comes with

- Organic cotton bag 
- calcite
- Organic California sage

- Black Kyanite
- Selenite
- 2 inser





Crystals forFear

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