Crystal Essential Oil bottles with Organic Oils


Crystal healers and plant medicine combined to a powerful combo.


Keep these stunning crystal bottles close when you need them!

Each crystal bottle will come with corresponding organic essential oil blend.


Focus and Clarity 

Flourite Crystal Bottle with a focus blend.

Keep this near you when you are planning, grounding manifestations, studying and any time you need to focus!


Heart Flowing

Rose Quartz Bottle with heart chakra blend.

Keep near you when you are experiencing heart ache or when you need to open your heart to more compassion .


Acutualize Manifestations 

Clear Quartz bottle with a manifestation blend.

Keep this near you when you are journaling, in meditation and anytime you are spending moments in the vibration of your future self.


Luck and Protection

Tigers Eye bottle with protection blend

Keep near you when you need extra luck. Keep near you if you are traveling or need added protection with endeavors.



Amethyst bottle with awakening blend

Keep near you whenever you are stepping into connection with your higher self. Use during meditation, kundalini and yoga.





Crystal Essential Oil bottles with Organic Oils

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