The moment your soul chose to come to this planet to this experience - there was a energetic exchange. The space where light meets earth. The pull of the earth that called you is the energy of Aragonite.

They feel very activated right now to hold us as they guide us to release trauma from this life and past lives. Allowing us to fully embody our purpose here. To understand with every cell why we were pulled here once again.

Aragonite grounds us into this energy giving us the strength, energy and confidence to do what we were called here for.

These pieces are the best quality I’ve ever seen and felt. I’m honored to offer these earth guides for your journey.

I’m using my Aragonite in the moments when this world seems too dark, when I’m ashamed what we’ve allowed, when my heart is hurting and I don’t know why.

I hold mine in these dark moments. It’s under my pillow, in my living room, kitchen and my children’s rooms. The light refracts in the most magical way, guiding you to remember that moment in space and time when your light and earth connected.

What I’ve received from the energy of Aragonite.

You are here because you carry a specific energy that is needed now.
I will allow you to remember, I will ground you when you feel lost. I will take the hurt, I will fill you with the vibration of the earth below you. Breathe in beloved child, you are held. Breathe in beloved child, you are strong, we are made of the same elements, my wisdom and strength is yours. This is the moment you came for. You are the constant.


I will intuatilly choose a piece for you. If you would like to leave me a note in the comments at checkout I can tap into your energy to help select a piece. 


With light, Kat



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    these pieces bring you the same light. 

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