"What you think, 
you become.
What you feel,
you attract.
What you imagine,
you create."


Crystals are gifts from our universe to help us remember

why we are here by raising our vibration to align to our purpose.

Kathleen, is a intuitive reiki crystal healer that guides with crystals, sound, meditation and channeling.
Activated with Crystalline energy, she is guided by crystals to find the energy blocks and begin the process of healing. As a Native New Mexican she is connected to the earth's energy and it runs deep through her and her designs. She bridges the gap between energy and design in high vibrational crystal sets. Her purpose is to make crystalline energy accessible. Each piece is designed, handlettered and curated by Kathleen in her bright studio in Sacramento, California. The crystals used are set with intention and sourced directly from mines ready to be used to protect, heal and thrive.

Through the awakening process I got an intense feeling of needing

to create positivity. It came like a lightning bolt of inspiration

I was sketching as fast I as I could and writing to get all the

light that was filling my soul down on paper so I could understand it. 

My heart and soul have been driven me to create this shop 

to create pieces that can help people on their journey. 

While figuring out my soul memory.

Thank you for being apart of the collective rising

of the worlds vibration. 

Spread love and Light!

Kathleen Golik


Crystal Rising

Is your source for high

vibrational crystals, gifts and

accessories. Each piece is handpicked or designed by me. What you see here has helped me on my journey to being the best version of myself,. My hope is that

these pieces bring you the same light. 

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Kathleen Martinez-Golik

Crystal Healer

and Designer

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